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Radon Systems provides passive (no fan) and active (with fan) soil depressurization systems for new construction. Our passive radon mitigation system meets the requirement of the IRC code (Appendix F) and ASTM E 1465-06 for new construction residential buildings located in jurisdictions where radon-resistant new construction is required. According to the EPA zone map, central Ohio is located in Zone 1, which is among the highest in the country.

Radon-resistant construction features can be installed by Radon Systems when the house is built. If passive techniques are used and the post construction radon measurements indicate that radon levels are elevated, the passive techniques installed by Radon Systems will make it easy and economical to reduce elevated radon levels. Simply adding a fan and a performance indicator should complete the active system, and the post mitigation radon test will confirm the radon reductions.

Radon Systems has been installing passive systems in Dublin, Ohio since 1996. Recently, Hilliard and Canal Winchester have required homes in their cities to be built radon resistant. All areas of central Ohio have elevated radon levels, so why not build safety and piece of mind into your home. Reduce the risk of lung cancer and demand from your builder and/or local building department that your new home be built with proven new construction radon-resistant methods.

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