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Radon Testing

Radon System
Providing Quality Radon Measurements and Mitigation Since 1985

Radon Systems provides high quality state-of-the-art radon measurements using only Femto-Tech continuous radon monitors. We offer homeowners, renters, real estate professionals, relocation companies, home inspectors, builders, and lenders a prompt accurate radon testing service. After testing, we will provide a report that is easy to read and understand and make a recommendation on what to do next.  Presently, Radon Systems has  43 femto-TECH continuous radon monitors located at our Westerville office.

Important decisions to purchase real estate are sometimes based on the result of a single radon test. Therefore, you need a radon company that can respond to your needs. Radon Systems will provide quick and accurate radon measurements and has the knowledge and expertise to discuss radon tests with you and/or your clients.
Radon Systems has four licensed radon testers and all have the Ohio Multifamily License Endorsement. Should you need any type of radon testing, short term electronic, multifamily testing or long term radon monitoring, radon systems can supply all your testing needs. Should you want to purchase a passive radon test kit we have them available either short or long term (91 days or longer)
To get started with your radon test, make sure to give us a call to (614) 891-6526 or  Click here to fill out our online radon test order form.   We can't wait to hear from you.