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Radon Systems provides high quality state-of-the-art radon measurements using only Femto-Tech continuous radon monitors. We offer homeowners, renters, real estate professionals, relocation companies, home inspectors, builders, and lenders a prompt accurate radon testing service. After testing, we will provide a report that is easy to read and understand and make a recommendation on what to do next.  Presently, Radon Systems has  43 femto-TECH continuous radon monitors located at our Westerville office.

Important decisions to purchase real estate are sometimes based on the result of a single radon test. Therefore, you need a radon company that can respond to your needs. Radon Systems will provide quick and accurate radon measurements and has the knowledge and expertise to discuss radon tests with you and/or your clients.
Radon Systems has licensed radon testers and all have the Ohio Multifamily License Endorsement. Should you need any type of radon testing, short term electronic, multifamily testing or long term radon monitoring, radon systems can supply all your testing needs. Should you want to purchase a passive radon test kit we have them available either short or long term (91 days or longer)

Diagnostic Testing
Once high levels of radon or chemical vapors has been found in a property, to properly design a mitigation system, air pressure field diagnostics should be performed.  Air pressure field diagnostics is a process of discovering the air pressure measurements under the slab of a building.  To perform this type of diagnostic testing, we uses micro manometers to measure the air pressure.  Most facilities will have some type of positive pressure, with air being forced up through the slab due to the natural stack effect, or HVAC system.  Air pressure field diagnostics entails core drilling a suction point in the slab, and systematically drilling tiny test holes throughout the slab.  Once the holes are drilled, a micro manometer is connected to each test hole to provide an air pressure reading.  A fan unit is then connected to the cored pit, and turned on to see the field extension, or the achieved negative pressure measurement under the slab.  The filed extension of the fan will determine the mitigation system design and quantity of systems needed to properly pull air under the entire slab of the building.  The mitigation system design includes, quantity of systems needed, fan model, number of suction points in the slab, vent stack size, and routing of the PVC vent stack.

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