We offer commercial testing services designed specifically for businesses with multiple employees or tenants.

Choose Trusted Commercial Radon Testing Services in Columbus, OH

If you’re concerned about possible radon gas in your building, we can help. At All Radon Systems, we offer commercial radon testing services to clients in Columbus, OH, and the surrounding areas. We’ve been in business for 40 years and are fully licensed by the state of Ohio. Our technicians have been properly trained to install radon mitigation systems as required in the U.S. That’s why you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your business will be safe from this dangerous gas.

Protect Your Building From Dangerous Radon

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can seep into your property through the ground and accumulate in basements. It’s odorless, colorless, and tasteless. That means you may not know it’s there until it’s too late.

We’re here to help you prevent radon from damaging your building and harming your health by providing commercial radon testing and mitigation systems for businesses like yours. Our radon services include:

  • Commercial radon testing: We’ll test your commercial property for radon levels and ensure they’re within safe levels before leaving.
  • Commercial radon mitigation systems: We’ll install an effective system that will keep your property protected from harmful radon gas for years to come.

Learn More About Our Past Work

We’re proud to say we have mitigated and helped countless businesses, schools, and various large buildings to reduce their levels to the EPA standards. We have over 40 years of experience working with large projects and know how to handle them professionally. Our radon specialists provide high-quality active soil depressurization systems that can reduce elevated radon levels. Should a radon mitigation system be needed, Radon Systems will custom design a system based on the building characteristics of each building. See our Project Gallery for pictures related to commercial properties.

Invest in Better Radon Services Today

If you’re looking for a commercial radon testing company in Columbus, OH, that can help you reduce your risks of exposure to radon gas, look no further than Radon Systems. We offer commercial property testing services designed specifically for businesses with multiple employees or tenants. Our radon specialists will come out to your site and test for radon levels in your building. From there, we can install a system that works best for your needs. Get a free estimate on your service today!